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Medical Cart Development Experts (Southern California)

Custom medical carts are DeviceLab’s specialty. We have successfully completed 16 turnkey, medical cart development projects. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process from concept, through industrial design and styling, ergonomics, engineering, prototyping, testing, FDA regulatory approval, documentation and pilot production. Our expertise includes surgical and POC (point of care) carts for medical, diagnostic and laboratory use.

Medical Cart Types

  • Point of Care (POC) Carts
  • Emergency Room Carts
  • Medical Treatment Carts
  • Portable Patient Medication Carts
  • Mobile Diagnostic Instruments
  • Clinical Laboratory Carts
  • Mobile Hospital Carts
  • Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Laboratory Tests
  • Clinical Chemistry and Biotech Analyzers and Instruments
  • Specific Medical Specialties
  • Laser Surgery
  • Dental Procedure
  • Ophthalmic (Ophthalmology)
  • Phlebotomy (Blood Draw)
  • Anesthesia (Anesthesiology)
  • Orthopedic
  • Pathology (Specimen Analyzers)
  • Imaging Equipment: X-Ray, Radiography, Ultrasound and Hi Resolution Digital Imaging

Custom Medical Cart Brochure

Cart Industrial Design and Engineering Skills

  • Concept Evaluation and Feasibility Studies
  • Industrial Artist Hand Sketching/Styling
  • Plastic and Sheet Metal Cover Design
  • Product Rendering and Computer Simulation
  • 3D CAD Solid Modeling (SolidWorks, Pro-E)
  • Foam Mockups and Functional Model Development
  • Usability-Engineering Studies
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Design For Manufacturing Engineering DFMA

Electronic and Software Systems

  • Graphical Operator/User Interface Development (GUI)
  • System Requirements
  • Software Documentation
  • System Architecture
  • Hardware/Software Engineering
  • Software Development and Software Validation
  • System Integration
  • Pneumatic and Electronic Automated Processes
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered Mobile Devices

Mobile Cart Capabilities and Advantages

  • Access clinical, test and patient information at the point of care
  • Wireless (Bluetooth), VOIP and Telemedicine technologies
  • Integrated PC, Laptop Docking or PDA/Mobile Device
  • Security, biometrics, tracking, auditing and electronic signatures
  • Carts can be designed for a specific environment such as the Operating Room, ER, Critical Care, ICU, Examination Room, Clinical Laboratory, Hospital (Patient Bedside), Nursing Home and Home Use

Prototype and Production

  • Rapid prototyping and Stereo-lithography (SLA)
  • Prototype machining and fabrication
  • Procurement, Assembly and Testing
  • Low volume, pilot production and manufacturing
  • Full Documentation (Testing, Assembly Procedures, BOM...)
  • GMP, FDA Regulatory Requirements, Safety and Testing
Note: Medical stations and mobile devices in addition to carts include Mobile Racks, Control Consoles, Wall Mounted Equipment, Portable Handheld Devices and Portable Hospital Computing Equipment

Regions Served:

Based in Orange County (OC) Southern California, we frequently work with customers in need of custom laboratory equipment design throughout Southern/Northern California (CA) including San Diego, Orange County (CA), Los Angeles (LA), San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area. Within the US, we have worked with customers and medical professionals throughout the West Coast (CA, WA, OR, AZ), Midwest (OH, IL), East Coast (NY, NJ, CT, PA) and South West/South East (TX, FL, NC, SC). Within our areas of specialty, we work with international clients in Europe (EU nations, primarily Germany, UK and France), Mexico, South America (Argentina and Brazil) and Asia (primarily China, Japan, India, Taiwan and Singapore).

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